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Building a value driven brand with high quality foundations of customer, employee and human experience takes time, support, determination, consistency, and strategy just to start with. Find out how working with Aileen Day can help you accelerate your learning and mitigate the obstacles.

MOMENTUM Business Accelerator (MBA)

A one-year application only group membership opportunity for business owners who are looking for high accountability, leadership, and support and to accelerate their business performance.


Run multiple times a year, this 7-week application only workshop teaches you about the basics of customer experience and teaches you how to start implementing it into your business. Can also be customised to individual organisations.


Aileen is a crowd favourite when given the opportunity to speak publicly about her favourite topic, 'The Joy of CEHX' helping audiences to understand the impact of creating a loyalty and value driven Customer, Employee, and Human eXperience.


Every Tuesday on Instagram, you can find Aileen (@aileen_day_official) going LIVE at 11am Melbourne time answering your questions about business, life, employees, humans and more. Want to join in? Use the hashtag #askaileenanything on Instagram and Aileen will answer your question at her next live.


Scaling your business and hitting a few snags? Well, this is where having your very own Virtual CX Mentor can help. Aileen offers multiple packages helping you navigate the obstacles of growing your business to a brand, virtually so you get the CX help you need for a fraction of the cost of hiring a CX Manager until you are ready to.

Help & Support

Just want to get to know Aileen a little better. Then that's great, you can follow Aileen via Link.tree and stay up to date with all her content and free resources made to help and support you in growing your value driven brand.

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Know what you want and just want to get the ball rolling? Well feel free to book a 15min, no obligation and free discovery call with Aileen to discuss the particulars.

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