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begins Tues 3rd Oct 2023, monthly till Tue 6th Feb 2024.

CX in action

customer experience amplified

Educating business leaders in how to humanise their service design, strengthen their team’s performance and build a destination brand with a loyalty driven culture. 

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A Few Words

About The Program

Customer experience is more than just a buzzword. It’s a way of doing business. It is more than the way you deliver service; it is more than the ways you market your brand; it is more than your website checkout. Customer experience refers to the overall perception and impression a customer has based on their interactions and engagements with your brand throughout their entire journey. It encompasses all the touchpoints and interactions between them and your business, including pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase interactions. The goal of customer experience is to provide a positive and seamless experience that meets or exceeds your customer expectations, fosters customer satisfaction, and builds long-term loyalty and advocacy. It involves understanding and addressing their needs, preferences, and emotions to deliver exceptional value and create a lasting impression. Customer experience encompasses various elements such as product quality, service delivery, user interface, communication channels, personalisation, convenience, and overall customer support.

With the landscape of business ever evolving, the leaders are going to be those that adopt the fundamental disciplines of customer experience design. Customer experience and its strategic disciplines are proven to be the number one strategy to ensure your business is financially scalable with less customer and employee churn and higher sales and the marketing being more about what your customers say about you than the dollars you spend. 

This is your organisation’s opportunity to join global customer experience expert, Aileen Day, CCXP for an engaging five-month immersive, learning how to adopt the disciplines of CX into your business, helping to make your business one of Australia’s top performers by putting customer centricity at the core of your organisation. 

By the end of the course, you will have not just the conceptual skills but also the practical skills to implement future customer experience design initiatives into your business. This is not just another sit on Zoom and be talked at course.

This course is a project based, interactive, real-world lessons and activities, no bullshit program created to help you make your organisation a trusted and value driven brand.


LIVE online


Next Cohort: 3rd Oct ’23 – 6th Feb ’24 (run second Tuesday of every month)

Following Cohort: 4th Apr ’24 – 1st Aug ’24 (run first Thursday of every month)

The logistics of the course:

  • Facilitated LIVE online (no paid subscriptions required).
  • Day 3 & 4 are run in succession within the same month e.g., Tue 5th Dec and Wed 6th Dec ’23
  • Every other facilitation day is run the second Tuesday of every month however this changes with each cohort.
  •  All members of each CX in Action cohort are supported in a private Meta (Facebook) group with access to Aileen throughout the entire program and beyond.
  • Each facilitation day will cover a new CX discipline (there are 5 disciplines) with each member then required to implement those learnings in their organisation (supported by Aileen and their cohort), working towards a project outcome by the end of the five-month immersive.
  • On day 6 you will present your CX in Action project to Aileen and her special guest, CX colleagues who will then deliver further feedback on your project outcomes.
  • By the end of the immersive, you will be competent and confident enough to put ‘CX in Action’ in your organisation, consistently delivering successful CX outcomes.

are you ready to change the game?

Cohort 2 8th Oct '23

why cx matters

Customer experience (CX) is the term used to describe the multiple of business disciplines used to start a business with strong foundations but to grow a business with effectiveness and sustain a business making the experience of their customers the core value to everything they do. 

In the CX In Action Immersive, you will be taught these disciplines and how to apply them into your own business, no matter which stage of business you are in. You will learn:

  • The foundations of CX
  • How to create your own customised CX strategy
  • How to influence your organisation to become the top performer in customer experience
  • Metrics and KPI setting that move the needle
  • Understanding the current CX journey and mapping the future
  • Becoming competitive in your industry
  • And so much more

what's in it for your organisation?

Organisations that implement a successful customer centric mode of working are proven to increase sales anywhere between 25% and 95% (Baine & Co). They are also proven to retain and attract the highest quality of employees, reducing team churn, improving the customer experience and customer loyalty through delivering meaningful and strategic initiatives that create brand trust and sustainable growth.

In plain talk, they learn how to get things done and deliver a valuable and competitive offer to their customers, keeping them in business and beyond profitable


All packages are G.S.T Inclusive. Additional fees may be incurred depending on payment method/ your country’s tax requirements. All packages require payment upfront to be considered registered. 

Level Up

5 Month Immersive
$ 8000
  • Full Access to CX In Action Immersive
  • 1 x 1 Hour CX Mentoring Session Post Immersive
  • Full Access to Private Meta Support Group with Aileen Day


5 Month Immersive Plus
$ 9090
  • Everything In the Level Up Package
  • Additional 4 x 30 mins of CX Mentoring Throughout Immersive
  • A CX Diagnostic Report of Your Brand Presence


Learn, Grow, Transform
$ 15990
  • Everything in the Shift & Stretch Package
  • 1 x 1 Hour Online Presentation of CX In Action, Made for Your Team
  • Your Next Planning Day Facilitated by Aileen Day


Most frequent questions and answers

With your ticket to the CX In Action Immersive, you will receive all necessary communications helping you get online successfully. Once logged in, you will be provided access to join your cohort in the private Meta (Facebook) group. Here you will spend the next five months learning from each other and supporting each other with your CX In Action project, with the overseeing support of Aileen.

Over the course of your five-month cohort, there will be several opportunities to meet Aileen in person in some locations as she looks to facilitate some real life social and networking opportunities.

This immersive is suited to business owners/leaders (all industries) who are earning between $5million and $35million in annual revenue and are in a growth phase or currently scaling. It is suited to those who WANT to not just learn about CX Design and Implementation but to perform it. This immersive will require all participants to implement their learnings within their own organisation and at the end of the program they will present their results to CX Experts. 

Price concessions are available for organisations sending 4 or more attendees to the SAME cohort. Please contact Aileen to discuss your organisation’s particular attendee needs.

Yes, of course. The chosen mentoring sessions will be billed separately to the CX In Action Immersive.



The CX In Action Immersive will be facilitated every few months. You are welcome to fill out an expression of interest form (found underneath the FAQ section) and we can keep you updated on our upcoming cohorts.

Otherwise, Aileen is also happy to run the immersive privately just for your organisation. Contact Aileen to discuss this option.

Have A Look At The

Event Schedule

Day 1

TUE 3rd oct, 2023
08:45 Am - 15:00PM

CX In Action - Introduction

Customer Insights & Understanding

Day 5

TUE 9TH JAN 2024
08:45 Am - 15:00PM

Accountability & Culture + Presentation Preparation

Day 2

TUE 7TH NOV 2023
08:45 Am - 15:00PM

CX Strategy & Metrics, Measures & ROI

Day 6

TUE 6TH FEB 2024
08:45 Am - 15:00PM

CX In Action Presentations

Day 3

TUE 5TH DEC 2023
08:45 Am - 15:00PM



WED 6TH DEC 2023
08:45 Am - 15:00PM

Design, Implementation & Innovation


Post Immersive, 2024
To Be Booked In Post Immersive

Your chance to check-in & Tune Up

These Are

Our Speakers

Brian Watkins

Web Designer - Acme

Judith Flores

Full Stack Developer - Initech

Rose Hawkins

Art Director - Globex

Zachary Scott

Interaction Designer - Soylent

William Hanse

Content Strategist - Hooli

Jane Roberts

Front End Developer - Vehement

Jacob Freeman

UI Designer - Massive Dynamic

Frank Ferguson

Visual Designer - Globex

Jacqueline Knight

Content Strategist - Umbrella IT

Betty Hopkins

UX Designer - Initech

A Few Words

About The Event host

Aileen Day is one of the few globally recognised and certified customer experience professionals (CCXP). She is a speaker, mentor and one of even fewer Australian admitted Forbes Coaches. Hailing from a background in customer experience for some of Australia’s largest retailers including Bunnings Australia/ New Zealand and Officeworks Australia, Aileen is committed to teaching organisations the disciplines of customer, employee, and human experience and how when applied consistently and strategically they can help you become the top performer in your market. Aileen is candid, no bullshit and leans all the way in when given the opportunity to work with driven business leaders. Outside of her CX credentials, Aileen is also a qualified Public Relations (PR) Specialist as well as a Clinical Hypno and Psychotherapist who helps her clients receive an all-rounded human experience to the programs and works that she delivers.

Aileen now coaches’ executives individually and in group settings to help them customise their brand’s customer experience design and this is your opportunity to join Aileen and a network of peers from a variety of industries to learn what makes a business become a trusted and value driven brand. Get your seat at the table and lead your business to the envy of your competitors.

Aileen Day, CCXP

Aileen Day, CCXP


This event will be held ONLINE in a live, interactive, and engaging setting to ensure your maximum fun, learning and successful take-aways are delivered with each session.

Over the course of your immersive, Aileen will be working to organise where possible ‘in-person’ catch ups to further enhance the value and support of the cohort.

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CX in action
It's customer experience amplified

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This online immersive is for those in business who want to lead the way in their customer, employee and human experience. Need more leads? Join us. Want loyal customers? Join us. Want to be the best employer to gain the best employees? Join us. 

CX In Action is more than just going to work and grinding everyday.

This is customer experience AMPLIFIED.

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