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Whether it’s revving your event attendees up or mentoring your organisation on how to go from a business to a trusted brand. No one does it quite like Aileen. Taking her unique no bullshit personality alongside her 20+ years experience in building customer and employee loyalty, Aileen wants nothing more than to see you succeed and create your own value driven brand. 

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Aileen loves mentoring in all facets of CX, EX and HX leadership, strategy and management as well as helping business leaders become the leaders their team needs them to be.


As Australia’s leading advisor in CX, EX and HX (CEHX), Aileen will facilitate the insights, strategy and change necessary for you to become a value driven brand.


Aileen loves speaking with audiences around the world helping them get what it really means to deliver great customer, employee and human experiences.

facilitating/ training

In a bid to teach as many people about customer experience, Aileen facilitates different training and workshop opportunities throughout the year. Private and customised training is also available.


One of Aileen’s favourite subjects is accountability and because of that she leads the MOMENTUM Business Accelerator group. It’s high accountability and high touch support. It’s the MBA you actually need as an entrepreneur.

what our clients say


I was referred to Aileen via a mutual friend. Aileen is friendly, knowledgeable and is a wealth of information. She provides a unique insight which demonstrates her extensive experience in the field. Would definitely recommend!

Ainslee Hooper
Ainslee Hooper
Founder, Ainslee Hooper Consulting
Aileen has given me the motivation and tools to begin my transition completely into my own business. I now have direction and focus and support from an industry leader and professional. Thankyou for helping me get started. I look forward to succeeding even more with your knowledge and guidance.
Jeanette Saunders
Jeanette Saunders
Founder, The Sweatshop Nutrition & Fitness
Aileen Day provided me with EXCELLENT advice and an amazing well thought out marketing brochure. Her professional service and engagement was well beyond my expectations and I highly recommend Aileen Day for your business, marketing and coaching.
Karin and Tussock
Karin & Tussock Reed
Founders, Paintsville Arts Hub
Aileen was great and have exceptional knowledge in mentoring and guiding business owners in the right direction with accountability as a business coach. Highly recommended of her service to anyone who wants to improve and grow their businesses.
Anupa Abeywickrama
Founder, ASA Mortgage Brokers
Aileen has been exceptionally thorough, thoughtful and invaluable to the development of my business. I couldn't recommend Aileen's skills, experience and support highly enough.

NailZ Van Diggele
NailZ Van Diggele
NailZ Van Diggele Tattoos
We would like to say a big 'Thank You' to Aileen for her proactive approach in our business industry. Aileen has a world of knowledge in customer value add and experience. We truly appreciate her professionalism, honesty and 'backed up' by experience approach!
Nadine & Martin
CEO & MD, Mega Thing Office Supplies


Need help leading the charge on CX but not sure where to start, what to do or how to do it? You can now apply to have Aileen Day, Australia’s leading practitioner in all aspects of customer experience to mentor your scaling business to gain the trust and loyalty that takes you from a business to a value driven brand. Aileen offers multiple avenues for mentoring, some ad-hoc, some for a short time, some for a long time, all for a good time and to suit your organisation’s CX, EX and HX needs. Check out this video to watch Aileen explain her insights into the customer, employee and human experience. She refers to this as the ‘Joy of CEHX’ (pr. seh-x).


In 2022, brand trust is at an all-time low according to multiple Brand Trust Index (BTI) results. You have to do very little to become a trusted brand and it is the best first step into creating a value driven brand.


It costs 5 x more to attract a new customer than it does to just look after the one's you have who will repay you by doing your marketing for you. Heard of social media? It's the new word of mouth and for business sake, you want in!

improve customer loyalty

Globally it is found that loyal customers will spend between 67%-95% more than new customers. Create a strategy to look after them. Reap the rewards that brand loyalty brings to your business.

become a destination

When you work to create a value driven brand, you will find yourself becoming a destination brand. This means more lead generation, more conversion, more retention from your customers to your team. As we say, it's loyalty from the outside, in.

virtual cx mentor (V.CX.M)

Your Virtual CX. Mentor. When you’re serious about becoming a destination to work for, spend money with and be loyal to. Aileen has spent over 20+ years helping businesses such as Bunnings and Officeworks become ‘Australia’s Most Trusted Brands’ year after year and now she wants to help your business deliver a trusted and value driven brand just like the heavy hitters. 

The V.CX.M service is a 12 month virtual or hybrid (depending on the plan you choose) service offer. It is for those in business who are scaling or transitioning their business and can see opportunities to reduce expenses, increase investments, become stronger in their foundations, in their processes, in their culture and in the experiences they deliver to their customers and employees. Often these businesses don’t have the skill set to define the strategies required and continue breaking their business doing things the hard way and leaving everyone to suffer as a consequence. It’s time to stop playing small. Let Aileen guide and mentor you on how to define, execute and measure loyalty worthy customer and employee experiences that will then set your organisation up to thrive and become the hero in your industry. This service is ‘category exclusive’ which means that once Aileen is serving an organisation in your category e.g. home builder, fashion retailer, healthcare provider and so on, no other organisation will be accepted and will have to go on the waiting list. So, will you get in before your competitors do?

Choose the Virtual CX Mentor plan that works best for you and click the ‘Let’s Chat’ button to arrange a complimentary 30min consult from Aileen to iron out the rest of the particulars and help establish alignment between your needs and Aileen’s skills and values.


$ 5,800
  • Bullshit Free
  • 52 x 45min pre-scheduled Zoom sessions
  • Real world, actionable results
  • Premium value with expert led mentoring
  • Industry agnostic, category exclusive
  • Bi-annual CX metrics reporting


$ 7,500
  • Great for scaling businesses
  • 52 x 45min pre-scheduled Zoom sessions
  • Quarterly CX metrics reporting
  • Half day facilitated quarterly team planning workshop (online but can be held in person at client's expense)
  • Industry agnostic, category exclusive



$ 9,416
  • Great for Med - Lge Enterprise
  • 52 x 60min pre-scheduled Zoom sessions
  • 2 x in person days per quarter*
  • Half day in person facilitated team planning workshop (quarterly)*
  • Quarterly CX metrics reporting
  • Unlimited access to Aileen Day via email

Brandyou and on-demand mentoring

If you are a business owner, business leader or entrepreneur, no matter your gender and you need that straight talking, no bullshit, high accountability support person in your life then you should consider applying to be mentored by Aileen Day.
Aileen offers various packages suitable for the novice to the advanced who needs to make some changes personally, mentally, physically or professionally. Supporting Aileen is a wealth of knowledge, experience in career building, leadership, small business, big business, mental health and of course delivering a value driven brand which in this case, is you.
Apply today for your free 15min Zoom call to assess your needs and ensure a complimentary fit with Aileen’s no bullshit, but pure love and support approach. Aileen realises that developing ourselves is the first step to developing anything we want for our business or our life and is a recognised, paid expert by organisations, education providers and government bodies around Australia.

on-demand mentoring

$ 760
  • On call & bullshit free
  • Strong connection, supportive leadership style
  • Real world, actionable results
  • Premium value with expert led mentoring
  • Industry agnostic
  • Can be held in person (costs covered by client) or online
  • Paid in full at time of booking

brandyou mentor

$ 420
  • 45min/week - high impact, bullshit free & candid
  • Experience and qualification based support
  • Industry agnostic
  • Met where you are. Taken where you want to go
  • Can be held in person (cost covered by client) or online
  • Additional 3mth access to Aileen via email

brandyou team

$ 1,300
  • 45min/week - High impact session with you, the Leader
  • 1 x 45min weekly follow up session with you & your Leadership Team
  • Real life, actionable and measurable strategies & outcomes
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Start sleeping at night and being invigorated for the next day
  • Can be held in person (costs covered by client) or online
  • Additional 6mth access to Aileen Day via email


Aileen has spent nearly 25 years building her IP, skills, qualifications and experience to be able to deliver a unique approach to solving your business’s customer, employee and human experiences. If you find your business is falling foul to high employee or customer churn, poor lead generation, even poorer customer conversion, experiencing regular disruption and inconsistencies in the way you do business then applying to work with one of Australia’s leading CX experts could be the first step in getting your business out of the jam and on it’s way to becoming a value driven brand. 

Aileen’s signature system sees Aileen delve deep into your business from the outside in. It’s a journey, it’s a commitment that everyone needs to get on board with and the results can then speak for themselves. Lower marketing costs, higher customer satisfaction, improved team member culture, customised reporting and insights, a deeper understanding of your business’s value proposition and how to deliver it to your audience the way they need you to.  When you engage Aileen to consult on your business’s customer, employee and human experience (CEHX), you can be sure that there will be no other client in your category as Aileen has always been told by her Father, the first in is the best dressed. 

You’ll note that nothing worthwhile happens overnight so Aileen only offers her signature program in 6 monthly or 12 monthly plans as well as ‘on-demand’ consulting available for when you need to get out of a pickle fast! Choose the plan that works best for you and click the ‘Let’s Chat’ button to arrange a complimentary 30min consult from Aileen to discuss your business and help establish alignment between your needs and Aileen’s skills and values.

on-demand advisory

$ 916
  • Bullshit Free
  • Solutions based advice
  • Real world, actionable results
  • Qualified, experience based insights
  • Industry agnostic
  • Can be held in person (costs covered by client) or online
  • Paid in full at time of booking

Aileen's Turn The Beat Around Program

$ 20,000
  • Great introduction to the CEHX Signature System*
  • 30 x 45min Zoom advisory sessions
  • SME customised and industry agnostic
  • 1 x in person day per fortnight (8hrs)*
  • Monthly CX insights reporting
  • Unlimited 6mth access to Aileen Day via email
  • ~28 hours of contact per month

Aileen's Signature CEHX Program

$ 27,000
  • Great for Med - Lge Enterprise
  • 52 x 60min pre-scheduled Zoom sessions
  • 1 x in person day per week (8hrs)*
  • Half day in person facilitated team planning workshop (quarterly)*
  • Monthly CX insights reporting
  • Unlimited 12mth access to Aileen Day via email
  • Full CEHX Signature System deliverables *
  • ~40 hours of contact per month


"Aileen knows how to keep the audience engaged whilst certainly keeping it high energy as she speaks about topics that you can see light her up. By the end of it, she had everyone chanting about the 'Joy of CEHX'"

Speaking to audiences whether it is in person or virtually about topics related to the customer, employee and human experience is what ignites Aileen and because of this fiery and passionate demeanour, Aileen is regularly the speaker getting your audience out of their seats, getting them engaged and getting them clear on how they play a part in delivering a trusted and value driven brand in their own lives.

Aileen loves to create bespoke speaking packages based on your audience and their learning needs. Her favourite is to start with some mystery shopping, come and then speak to the audience and then offer additional learning and workshop opportunities for your audience and then following that up with private mentoring either individually or in intimate groups for your event’s V.I.P’s as a way to help you add as much value to your event as possible! 

To learn more, contact Aileen directly using the Speaking Enquiry Form to discuss your event needs. 

Speaking Enquiry Form

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


It Aileen’s vision to teach more than 10 million people about customer experience. To help achieve this, Aileen facilitates different training and workshop opportunities throughout the year. Private and customised training is also available.

corporate planning days

There’s nothing overly sexy about a corporate planning day but with Aileen Day as your facilitator she will bring the CEHX-y and more helping your business to stop being left behind by the competition.
Aileen offers various packages suitable for your business with prices starting at $4,000 for a fully customised and engaged single planning day to an annual package with 4 x pre-purchased planning days. Start planning today to get your business firing in 2021 and working towards becoming the trusted, value driven brand you know you want to be! 
Click the Let’s Chat button on the package that suits your needs best to organise your free 15min Zoom call to assess your needs and ensure a complimentary fit with Aileen’s no bullshit, high accountability and supportive approach to planning and brand success.

individually facilitated business planning day

$ 4,000
  • Customised to your business needs
  • Experienced and eye for detail facilitation
  • Get your business set for success
  • Inc. 1 x Additional Zoom Debrief Session (30min)
  • Inc. 1 x Additional Zoom Follow Up Session (30min)
  • Can be facilitated in person (cost covered by client) or online

Annual package - quarterly facilitated business planning days

$ 3,300
  • *4 x Pre-purchased planning days - Work smart. Pay less
  • High accountability and engagement
  • Stay on track for business success
  • Inc. 1 x Additional Zoom Debrief Session (30min) every 1/4
  • Inc. 1 x Additional Zoom Follow Up Session (30min) every 1/4
  • Can be facilitated in person (costs covered by client) or online
  • Option of 10% reduced price consulting/mentoring hours


Development of our business and our selves is crucial for growth and to create a value driven brand and a value driven life. From time to time, Aileen facilitates different business training, workshops and programs created to be purposeful in helping you create your own value driven brand. Sometimes that brand is your business, sometimes it is you.

To be the first in the know of upcoming workshops and programs, you can subscribe to be the first to know what’s on. Fill out the form below and Aileen will certainly not be spamming you or sending your details to any Nigerian Princes, this is her promise to you.  You can also check out our What’s On page for the latest upcoming public programs and training.

CX in Action (CXiA) Immersive

With the landscape of business forever changing, it is more important than ever to know what it’s going to take to get ahead of the curve. That’s where the ‘CX in Action (CXiA)’ Immersive comes into play. 

It’s time you as a business owner and leaders alike not just know the theory behind exceptional and loyalty driven customer experience, but the strategies and behaviours required to put CX in Action. The CX in Action Immersive is a 5 month program (6 x learning days over 5 months), held live online teaching its participants the 5 core CX disciplines and how to make them work in your organisation.

Want to start being the industry leader you know you can be? Then click the button below to find out how to get your seat at the table. We kick off Tuesday 8th August 2023.

CXiA Kick Off 8th Aug '23


"Accountability breeds response-ABILITY"

Aileen is a true believer that once we become conscious learners and doers that we no longer get to be reactionary or just responsible for our actions. We grow and develop to become response – ABLE. If you need that supportive yet candid person in your circle to help challenge your thinking, encourage you to respond rather than react, push you to do and commit rather than make more excuses, develop yourself to lead better human experiences then Aileen is here for you to draw the line in the sand between the old you and the new you. High accountability, high touch, high leadership, high commitment, big results. 

This is the MOMENTUM Business Amplifier.

MOMENTUM Business Amplifier (MBA)

In August 2019, Aileen started on a journey to kick her business into a new level. Now that sounds awesome but in reality, she had been metaphorically sitting on her hands for 3 years and was nowhere near where she knew her potential could take her. Fast forward 18 months, 4 business accelerator programs, a desire to never go back to sitting on her hands (she’s part Greek, this literally hurts her heart), she has turned her business around. However, she knew that what she had learned was so brilliant that she cherry picked the best things about those experiences, coupled it with her own 25+ years business experience and compiled it together for other business owners just like her to learn from and create the change they need for their business and for themselves. With this, she created the MOMENTUM Business Amplifier Group. 

This is an application only membership and it is created to drive all involved towards creating their own value driven brand and their own value driven life. Fill out your application form (below) today and speak directly with Aileen to discuss your application and the aspirations you wish to achieve.

This is the MBA you really need

referral program

refer an organisation and receive a gift*

At the core of customer loyalty is referrals and if you refer an organisation to Aileen Day who then engages* her services, you will have the choice of three gifts as Aileen’s way of saying a sincere thank you for your support.


Treat Yourself

Treat yourself with your choice of gift cards to the value of $500


$500 Off Your Next Engagement

Choose to take your gift as a $500 credit for the next engagement you have organised with Aileen Day


Community Matters

Select a registered charity for your $500 gift to be donated to in your name, helping to build a value driven community.

Customer Referral Form

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Join Aileen Day, CCXP for the August cohort of ‘CX in Action (CXiA)’ Immersive and learn how you can end up with the dream business and the value driven life to match.

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