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the back story

Aileen started her journey in customer experience over 26 years ago. With some of the country’s brightest minds for mentors, Aileen became the Customer Insights Manager for Australia and New Zealand at Bunning Warehouse. She then took the opportunity to build the Customer Service team for Officeworks and became the Customer Service Leader for Australia.

In 2015, Aileen had the opportunity to start her own business where Meraki Business Solutions was born. It was her aim to help businesses develop their understanding of PR (Aileen is a qualified PR specialist), communications and service. 

In 2020, during the global pandemic, Aileen created Value Driven Brand. A second business built to coach businesses on what it takes to deliver a value driven brand. Releasing The Value Driven Brand podcast and working with amazing business leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners, Aileen used this platform amongst many others to start spruiking the importance of not just PR, communication and service, but all components of the customer experience. 

In 2021, Aileen takes this message to the globe as her 3 pillars of being a value driven brand. They are the pillars of Customer. Employee and Human eXperience. Aileen refers to these pillars as ‘The Joy of CEHX‘. Separately they are all ok, but together, you will illicit intrinsic joy throughout and for your organisation!

Aileen is now one of Australia’s few, formally qualified and globally recognised certified CX Professionals (CCXP) through the internationally recognised CX governing body, CXPAThis is the world’s highest designation for customer experience professionals.

Global Presence


Aileen lives to help organisations deliver customer experiences worthy of their customers loyalty and helping you create a value driven brand leading you to live a value driven life.

Sharp witted and candid in her approach, a believer in vulnerability for the sake of growth, a passion for direct and open communication and strongly bias towards those willing to give things a go, Aileen is not your average consultant or business coach. 

Aileen works with organisations who are scaling or transitioning the way they operate and want to ensure their customer, employee and human experiences (CEHX) are foundationally strong. By sharing and using the disciplines of customer experience, Aileen will help your organisation get to the point of being that trusted, value driven brand you deserve to be when you work to create a customer centric organisation. 

Aileen is the premium choice for those organisations wanting to drive their performance towards legacy status. 

Available worldwide to be the advocate and voice of your customer.

Our Vision

To help 10 million business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs globally to learn what it takes to strategically create their own value driven brand, leading them to live a value driven life. 

Our values

Integrity – Being honest and true to yourself and those around you

Positivity – There is always a way to achieve our goals

Engagement – Be in the moment to be a part of something special

Support – Here for you, here for me, here for us

Passion – Do everything with passion, creativity and soul

Experience – Learn, live and deliver value to enhance humanity

Momentum – Always moving forward in failures, success and development

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Aileen Day. Experience. Performance. Legacy.

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