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How To Create a CX Journey Map

The first step in understanding your customer journey and ensuring that you are strategically delivering a value driven experience is to complete a CX Journey Map.

How To Create a CX Journey Map

1 lesson – 1 hour
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Resource 2

LIVE Broadcasts

A couple of times a week Aileen goes ‘LIVE’ on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube to discuss topics on business, branding, leadership, creating a value driven brand to then live a value driven life. Above all we discuss ‘The Joy of CEHX’. The Customer, Employee and Human eXperience.


All episodes prior to Episode 23 are embedded in LinkedIn and are viewable at
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Resource 3

The Value Driven Brand Podcast

Launched in August 2020, Aileen talks to business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world to learn what they believe it takes to deliver a trusted and value driven brand.

The Value driven brand podcast

Season One
Season Two
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Resource 4

CX In Action – Whitepaper

Understanding the fundamentals and principles of customer experience can be overwhelming. Knowing why you need them can sometimes be unclear as well. The CX In Action Whitepaper helps you distinguish common business experiences and show you how applying CX design can change your game.

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With over 20 years of customer experience from some of Australia’s most successful brands and 5 years of qualified PR expertise, I help build and grow companies. In the constantly changing arena of business, it is my mission to provide 10 million businesses the skills to master the critical strategies and tactics that will see them develop their own trusted and value driven brand, helping them to live a value driven life.

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