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Customer experience (CX) is the sum of all the experiences your customers have dealing with your brand before they’ve even purchased from you to the day they never use your product or service again. It includes, the experiences of your internal and external customers (employee experience – EX), the systems, the processes, the culture and much more. Customer service is just one element of so many that come under the scope of customer experience.

The title of CCXP stands for Certified Customer Experience Professional. It is a formal and global recognition given to CX professionals by the world CX governing body the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). In 2021 there are less than twenty recognised CCXP’s in Australia with even less of those available to the public (most work within the private corporate sector). This recognition is not delivered lightly and relies on the recipient providing evidence of their >5 years of detailed CX activities, projects, results, higher learning in the appropriate fields and the passing >80% of a 3hr CX exam. This level of rigour helps those working with a CCXP to have a high level of confidence that they are working with a true CX advocate and professional skilled in the principals, disciplines and strategies in all facets of CX.

To be industry agnostic simply means that Aileen has the skills and programs that allow her to work with many and possibly any industry as her ability comes in helping you find what serves your customers as she acts as the voice of your customer, not the industry expert.

In all honesty, no. There is no guarantee. Humans are fickle. New brands are constantly emerging and every day is a new challenge to rise to. What is guaranteed is that Aileen will instil all of her passion, knowledge, skills and influence to be there for you and your team to make those changes in your business that will help you be prepared to rise to each challenge should you put in the same dedication and commitment.

Over the years, Aileen has learnt a few things about her skill set and it’s uniqueness. This however came with some hard lessons. In this era of her career, she values highly the ability to ensure that her energy is allotted to those who are committed to change and aligned to her brand values. To do this it is necessary to ensure that your organisation and Aileen are a match to then become a positive force to be reckoned with.

As Aileen says, well that’s no problemo. Aileen is a fiend for social media (in a healthy way) and you can follow her from LinkedIn to TikTok to catch different content on each platform on a regular basis. Aileen creates content for the purpose of sharing insights, trends, a bit of personality and a general mechanism to stay in touch until you’re ready to work together. All social links are available in the Footer of this website.

Fantastic. If you have more questions, feel free to head over to the Home page or Contact page and hit us up in the Contact Us form. We will endeavour to respond more promptly than your teenage children playing on the PlayStation do when you ask them what they’d like for dinner.

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