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Learn the concepts of CX and the ways CX strategy can help your organisation become a trusted and value driven brand.


CX in Concept (CXiC) is the entree course for those wanting to dip a toe into the world of customer experience disciplines, strategy, and delivery. Delivered by globally recognised and qualified CX Professional, Speaker, Author, and Advisor, Aileen Day, CCXP.

As part of the creation of her course, CX in Action (CXiA), a five-month project based immersion, deep diving into the specific CX disciplines, tactics and processes of customer experience, human centred design and strategic operations, Aileen has created CX in Concept (CXiC) to help business owners get a taste of what real world CX looks like in their business and the proven benefits they will experience from having clarity and understanding of true customer experience concepts.

Held over 2 days, the CX in Concept (CXiC) course is an in person course, facilitated by Aileen herself, enabling new comers to the concepts of customer experience management the ability to learn, engage and upskill. 

Aileen is a trusted CX Advisor to clients all over the world as well as local government, retailers, health industry specialists, NFPs, professional services, education institutions, STEM, family businesses, franchisees and many more. CX is industry agnostic and Aileen revels in the opportunity to bring different industry leaders together to learn from each other and help them to connect with people they never imagined finding alignment.

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Facilitated by Aileen Day, CCXP and held at Federation University, Berwick Campus.


Federation University, Berwick Campus

100 Clyde Road, Berwick    VIC 3806


Ails V11. Listening to Learn - Understanding Your Customers

Module one is the key concepts around the need to listen to your customers. Whether they are your paying customers or your team, learn how you can add simple listening posts to your organisation and create actionable insights and value adding offers to the way you do business.

Ails V12. Customer Experience Strategy - Your Chance to Shine

The science is proven and the stats back it up. Organisations delivering a well-designed CX strategy are reporting increases in revenue, increases in loyalty, decreases in turnover. Learn the concepts that can help you get the right people and create a trusted and value driven CX strategy.

Ails V13. What Gets Measured, Gets Done

We all know that what gets measured, gets done but the question is what to measure, when and how. Learn what you can do to create the right behaviours, engagement and outcomes in your business by getting clarity on the concepts of measures, metrics and ROI.

Ails V14. Design and Innovation for the Future

In the realm of customer experience, organisations need to learn the difference between delivering what they want versus delivering on what the customer wants. This module will help you to understand the concepts of using human centred design along with CX disciplines to deliver and innovate your trusted and value driven brand.

Ails V15. Creating a Destination Culture

Culture is your maker and breaker. In this module, you will gain clarity around what a successful CX centric culture looks and feels like and just some of the ways you can drive your own customer obsessed culture with engaged and passionate team members who will be your first line advocates for your customers.

<1> Watch:

You’ll commit to attending the two day, in person forum. This will give you all the opportunity to soak up the lessons, find the relevance in your organisation and get ready to gain more in-depth clarity in each concept.


To get engagement you must give engagement. Throughout the CX in Concept course, engaging with other like-minded leaders will be one of the best things you can do to share your learnings, take on feedback and reflection from others in the CXiC community, create discourse for your peers and help each other to add to their CX skills and capabilities. We want to take CX in Concept and turn it into CX in Action!


Your capacity to show vulnerability amongst empathy, curiosity and openness will be one of the keys to your success in this course. Aileen is also a qualified Clinical Therapist and finds so much of what blocks our ability to create successful endeavours is our inability to be vulnerable. 


To upgrade your skills and get new knowledge, you need to upgrade your critical thinking. You will learn invaluable lessons when you start critically analysing your own experiences against the CX in concept modules which should drive you to apply new considerations and reframing what you think you know. You will do this by asking questions of the CXiC community, coming prepared with your learnings and insights to each week’s LIVE group chat and using those new experiences to frame and design your next generation of CX skills.

{You want to level up & become [more] customer centric 

To create, deliver and sustain success in business, everything you do must be centric to your customers, what drives them and the outcomes that make them feel trust in everything you do. From your culture to your systems to the team that work with you, CX in Concept will help you understand how to make your organisation customer centric. 

{You are looking to grow your career in the CX field 

Becoming a CX Pro takes time, experience and a certain set of skills that when you have them, you can use them everywhere. So, if you are wanting to develop your career in the field of CX but aren’t quite sure where to start, then start here and learn CX in Concept first.

{You want to hire a CX team or CX Executive 

With more and more competition comes the need to stand out and deliver. If you are looking to recruit CX pros to your team, CX in Concept will help you quickly understand what to look for, how to support them to win and what you need before you go on the hunt to ensure you attract the most value adding talent to your brand.

{You have 99 problems  

Are you finding yourself putting out more fires than creating burning desires? Do your team come to you frustrated and on edge? Is the mention of innovation and change likely to make you and your team throw arms in the air? Is life just not going the way you know it should be? Then understanding CX in Concept will immediately help you to filter through your organisational challenges and set you on the path for the value driven brand AND life you know you should be living.


An entree price for a main meal course. Multiple payment methods available. Prices inc. GST and are based on AUD. Price includes materials, food and refreshments. 


Your positive energy commitment to engagement are the key success factors in your investment into learning about CX in Concept. 


With more than 26 lessons strategically placed into the course for your skills development. 


The next group of CX in Concept students will start at 8am AEST on the 1st to 2nd of July 2024 for LGA CX Specialists.


We pay attention to each course student. Therefore, the number of seats is limited to ensure every participant feels and is heard and has a positive and engaging experience.


[YOUR _ CX in


By gaining a clearer understanding to the concepts of customer experience (CX) you will mitigate inefficiencies in your business and be able to see new opportunities for streamlining and innovation.


Customer loyalty and advocacy is the most profitable and sustainable way to drive revenue and profits. With CX in Concept, you’ll be able to spot opportunities to design and deliver your business to the RIGHT customers.


Your team want to do something meaningful. You’ll learn what that really means and how to not just create it but use it to gain traction, engagement, and drive accountability in your first line of advocates.


By participating in the CX in Concept course, you will be added to a network of leaders from all over APAC. Giving you the opportunity to grow and develop from like-minded humans all driven to build a trusted and value driven brand.

General Questions

While there are no specific prerequisites, a basic understanding of customer experience concepts can be beneficial, but the course is designed to accommodate learners of various backgrounds.

Participants will have access to a dedicated CXiC community and the facilitator, Aileen Day, CCXP for any course-related questions or issues.

For the CX in Concept, there are only course comprehension activities. Projects and assignments are required as part of enrolment into the CX in Action Immersive where successful completion will result in certification.

The course fee includes access to course materials, reading materials, case studies, templates, and any additional resources needed for the course. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will also be provided. It is up to the participant to communicate any dietary requirements.

Aileen Day, CCXP facilitates the course. She is an experienced CX professional with a deep understanding of CXPA principles, industry best practices, and 20+ years of real-world expertise.

Sales Questions

Yes, there is a refund policy in place. Details regarding the refund policy, including terms and conditions, will be provided upon enrolment.

Aileen can offer direct invoicing, bank transfer or credit card payments via Stripe* Your choice of payment will be confirmed at the point of enrolment. All payments must be made in full to be considered enrolled.

*Stripe does incur 3% additional fee

Yes, absolutely it can. Aileen can customise the delivery to suit your team’s learning requirements, and schedules. Use the contact form [below] to get in touch to discuss what this can look like for your organisation.


If you have questions about joining the next cohort for CXiC, then contact Aileen on the form below to get the clarity you need.

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